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About Us


We have been in business for nearly 25 years selling the best cigar accessories at the best prices. There are lots of sites out there selling cigar and tobacco related accessories, but when you buy from us you are buying from the Pros at HumidorPros! We carry all the cigar related gadgets and gizmos anyone could ever want. We sell the best brands of humidors, humidifiers, lighters, cutters, hygrometers, ashtrays and other related cigar items at the lowest prices around. We offer free shipping on orders to the lower 48 United States. We proudly offer many of the top selling name brands you know including Arango Sportsman, Bryco, Boveda, Caseti, Castleford, Credo, Cigar Caddy, Cigar Classics, Cigar Minder, Cigar Oasis, Colibri, DivPRO, Dr. Grabow, Drymistat, Fujima, Get A Grip, Heiden, Humidor Supreme, Hydra, Hygroset, IM Corona, Jetline, Lord Byron's, Lotus, Lucienne, Mardi Gras, Medico, Palio, Paradigm, Perfecto, Pipemaster, Prestige Import Group, Quality Importers, Shuriken, Smokin' Ash Ashtrays, Stinky Cigar Ashtrays, Vertigo, Visol, Western Humidor, XiKAR, Zippo and many, many more. 

Service and selection are our priorities! 

We invite you to check out our site and we are always open to guest comments. We are constantly adding new items and are on the hunt for new and exciting products. So if you do not find the product you are looking for, let us know. Please send comments, questions or requests to support@humidorpros.com.