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What are the basic things a newbie cigar smoker should have on hand?

-At a minimum, you should have a small humidor, lighter, cigar cutter and of course, a cigar or two.

What is the optimal humidity / temperature cigars should be stored?

-70 degrees and 70% humidity is the general rule. However, you can store cigars at anywhere from 65-75% humidity and it is a personal preference. For long term storage, lower temperatures and humidity are usually desired. A humidity of between 60-65% and temperature around 60 degrees is pretty optimal. Many will take cigars from their long term storage humidor and put into another smaller humidor at closer to their perfect smoking environment a week or so before actually smoking them.

Why do I need a humidor?

-Without a humidor, your cigar(s) will eventually dry out and become worthless. You can spend as little as $20-$100 on a small humidor that will hold a few cigars until you are ready to smoke them. Or, you can go wild with a humidor that will hold several hundred or several thousand cigars.

Are all humidors created equally?

-No. We have found that there are varying levels of quality among humidors. The materials and construction of some humidors is very questionable. We sell ones that we know are of very good quality. No junk here. Our reputation is built on selling great products at rock bottom prices.

How large of a humidor should I buy?

-Typically, we recommend buying something that will hold twice as many cigars as you would want to keep on hand. This is just a guideline. It is also a good idea to buy some sort of travel humidor or case so you can take your cigars on the road or vacation safely.

What are the types of humidifiers that can be used in a humidor?

-There are two basic types: Passive and electronic. Passive humidifiers would include units with the main element being foam, crystal gel, sponge or clay as the base. They come in many sizes for many different size humidors. They have been the standard for most small desktop humidors for years. Typically you would need to use a PG solution with these type units along with distilled water to assist in maintaining humidity and preventing mold. While they do work fine, if you want to take things to the next level, you might want to check out an electronic humidifier. These units can be battery powered or AC powered or both. They have a microprocessor that turns a fan or fans on and off to maintain the desired humidity. They have refillable cartridges and are very easy to maintain. These are based on the electric designs of humidifiers that have been used by tobacconists the world over for years.

What are the types of hygrometers that can be used in a humidor?

-The two types are analog and digital. Analog units have been around for years and work fine. Many are adjustable as necessary. You can also go with digital units that also display the temperature as well. Although many of the high quality digital hygrometers we sell are fairly accurate out of the box, the majority of the new digital units are now user calibration capable as well. You can use the old “salt test” method to calibrate your analog or digital hygrometer, but most manufacturers recommend other methods like the Boveda Calibration Packets to calibrate your hygrometer. In fact, many say that using the “salt test” is not recommended and could void the hygrometer’s warranty.

What is the best tool for the job when lighting a cigar?

-Many connoisseurs would say either a piece or thin Spanish cedar or cedar matches. It is not always practical, but we agree this is a great method. A good butane torch is probably the best option as you can use the outdoors where wind can be a factor. The only method that would be objectionable would be the use of a Zippo type fluid lighter. The fluid used in Zippo type lighters can affect the flavor of your cigar.

What are the types of cigar cutters?

-There are 3 basic types of cutters: guillotine (including cigar scissors), plug and v-cut. Guillotine cutters can be a single or multiple blade type. Single blade cutters have been very common for years and work well. The guillotine or multiple blade cutters are often preferred as many are self sharpening and tend to cut from multiple directions for a better overall cut. Plug or punch cutters are designed to take off a small diameter portion of the cap. These are often sold as keychain cutters and sometimes found as a part of butane jet lighters. V-cut or cateye cutters are also popular cutters that take out essentially a V out of the cigar cap. Over time, most aficionados will find the type cutter that works best for their taste or the type of cigar they are smoking and many will have more than one type of cutter.

How do I refill a butane lighter?

-We recommend you use the instructions that come with your lighter. If you do not have the instructions or have lost them, the manufacturer’s website will have he needed instructions.  

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